Why should you knit every day?
Because of health, beauty, love, and happiness.
Here are 12 reasons to knit every day to fill up your life with good things:

#1 knitting is nothing, but possibility

Without any consequences!
Think about it… no matter what you knit or how bad it looks to you, it can always be unraveled, and the yarn can be reused for something else.
You don’t even have to tell anyone about your first try. You can just cast on again and have another go. Now that is all possibility – and nothing bad can happen.

#2 hand knits are pure love

Your hand knits let you show your love, and they remind your family and friend of it, even when you are not there to tell them.

#3 knitting is wonderfully not digital

You can’t knit online.
The internet is great for getting inspired and making connections and discovering new patterns, but the knitting itself can only be done in real life. No matter if you are by yourself or with a knitting group.
If you have been on your computer and looking at your phone all day long knitting can help you settle back into the physical world.

#4 yarn is nice to touch

– and if it’s not, knit with something else!

#5 you can always knit

When you’re feeling down and like you can’t do anything right, you can always knit.
No matter what.

#6 turn waiting time into pleasure time

If you’re stuck watching someone else’s favorite show or sport, if you are early for an appointment, if you are commuting to work, if you are … knitting lets you use this time to your advantage, just knit right through it.

#7 your hand knits will make someone happy

Even if your husband hates cardigans and your kids would never be caught wearing a sweater, your hand knits can still be treasured.
Knit for the homeless, knit for premature babies, knit for chemo patients. Or what about knitting something for yourself for a change?
No matter what you knit it can make someone feel beautiful, loved, or just plain warm, and that is the perfect jumping off point for happiness.

#8 knitting makes you healthy

It is proven that knitting can reduce your heartrate, deepen your breath, and basically work like mindfulness or yoga without the stretches.
Keeping your hand busy will help you quit smoking, stay out of the fridge, or whatever you are struggling with not doing.
The right project lets you take time off mentally to just let your thoughts wander or maybe daydream a little.

#9 yarn is beautiful

– and life can’t have too much beauty in it, right?

#10 knitting is portable

On the subway, at your favorite coffee shop, on a bench in the park.
You can knit everywhere.

#11 you deserve a break every day

A chance to do something that is not a “must do”, but a “want to do”.

#12 the more you knit the better you will get.
And the more you will make

12 reasons to knit every day
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